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Privacy and Cookie Policy

Last updated: January 29, 2024
We place top priority on protecting your privacy and keeping your personal information secure. Our privacy and cookie policy details the methods we use to collect, use and protect your data during your visits to our website. We encourage you to review this document carefully to understand our privacy practices. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
This privacy policy aims to clarify:
  • - Personal information” means any data that can identify you, such as your name, postal address, email, geographic location and IP address.
  • - Collection and processing methods: How we collect and process this information.
  • - Rights of access, rectification and erasure: You have the right to consult, correct, and request the deletion of your personal data.
  • - Responsible: Identification of the person or entity responsible for collecting and processing your personal data.
  • - Transmission of information: Recipients: Details of the third parties to whom your data may be communicated.
  • - Cookie Policy: If applicable, explanation of the use of cookies on our site, including how they are used and how you can manage their use.

Responsible for personal information

Our Data Protection Officer is responsible for ensuring that your personal information is collected and processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For any questions or requests regarding your personal data, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: olemire@estatefunnel.com.

Protection of personal information

We adopt rigorous security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Access to your data is strictly limited to employees and service providers who require this information to provide our services to you or for the proper functioning of our website. We also employ advanced encryption protocols and robust firewalls to keep your sensitive data secure.

Collection of Personal Information

We do not collect your personal information proactively. However, if you choose to fill out an information request, estimate, or contact form on our site, we record the data you provide. This information is exclusively shared with the operator of this website, who is the sole recipient.
The operator of this website is:

Gail Meili

3310 100e Avenue #340

Laval, Quebec H7T 0J7

Les Immeubles Charisma

514 969-4134


This website uses cookies to optimize its operation and analyze your interaction with it, with the aim of providing you with an improved and personalized user experience. The use of cookies will only be enabled if you give your consent by clicking on -Accept all-. You also have the possibility to personalize your cookie preferences by accessing the settings via the - Manage my Cookies - option. Note that any changes will be effective after refreshing the page on which you made the changes.


Essential cookies, sometimes called (strictly necessary) cookies, are essential for the basic functioning of our website. They play a crucial role for features like navigation and access to secure areas, ensuring that the site loads and functions properly. In most jurisdictions, these cookies do not require your consent, as they do not collect personal data and are necessary to provide the services you request. It is not possible to deactivate them. By using this website, you therefore consent to their use. Also note that this site memorizes the language you use to browse to avoid having to re-select it on each page visited. Additionally, your cookie preferences are stored in a cookie file. This file only contains your browsing preferences and is only used during your visit to our site.


Functional cookies offer additional functionalities that enrich the user experience on a website, without being essential to its functioning. These cookies may collect personal information to remember user choices, providing them with a more personalized experience. This site uses Google Analytics, which falls into this category because of its usefulness for tracking and analysis. It collects data about your interactions, helping site owners understand how visitors use the site, which helps improve user experience and site performance. Google Analytics is also considered a performance cookie on this site. Therefore, if you disable performance cookies, Google Analytics will also be disabled. Note that HCaptcha is used in forms on this site. No need to search for it!


Performance cookies, which can sometimes be confused with functional cookies, are used to collect data on how visitors interact with our website, identify the most visited pages and detect the receipt of error messages on these. pages. These cookies do not collect personal information that could identify a visitor and are intended exclusively to improve the functioning of the site. In this category our site uses Google Tag Manager, which can also be classified as a marketing cookie. Therefore, if you refuse performance cookies, Google Tag Manager will also be disabled. Our site also uses a tool to track the links you click on. This tool records the URL visited, the date, time, your IP address and a unique session identifier, which allows you to track your journey throughout the duration of your visit to our site. If you deactivate performance cookies, this tool will stop collecting this data, except for those relating to the page through which you arrived on our site.


These cookies are specifically used for marketing purposes, including displaying targeted advertisements, conducting market research, and evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The operator of this website uses its Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager, as well as those of its partner, the real estate websites Estatefunnel. It is important to note that Google Tag Manager can integrate other targeting tools configured by the operator of this site or its digital marketing agency, without this being specifically mentioned in this privacy policy. By disabling marketing cookies, the Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, and all associated tools will also be disabled. The operator of this site and its partner generally do not retain pixels for more than 120 days, corresponding to the normal duration of a real estate transaction process. The operator of this site and its partner Estatefunnel use the Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager on this site to perform remarketing on social networks and search engines. The form that marketing targeting may take can include, but is not limited to, invitations to have one's property evaluated to determine its market value or the promotion of the real estate brokerage services of the operator of this site. At no time will services other than those related to a real estate transaction be promoted by this operator and its partner.

Retention of personal information

We keep your personal information only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, or as required by applicable law. Strict security procedures are in place to ensure that the processing of your data is done securely and in accordance with our privacy policy.

Policy Updates

We reserve the right to update this privacy and cookies policy at any time. Changes will be posted on our website and will be effective upon posting. We encourage you to review this policy regularly to stay informed of any updates.


By using this website, you certify that you have read and understood this privacy policy and accept its terms, more particularly the conditions relating to the collection and processing of personal information and the use of cookies.
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